Power as a Service

Power-as-a-Service is a new model for financing and managing solar photovoltaics, EV charging and other electrical infrastructure.

Via Power-as-a-Service Vattenfall provides investment capital, electrical network design, builds new projects and delivers ongoing operations to support UK businesses’ transition to net zero.

The model enables businesses to fast-track carbon reduction projects by partnering with one of Europe’s leading energy companies. Vattenfall provides the required finance and the electrical network expertise which help make projects possible.

In some instances, for example where land or roof space can accommodate sufficient solar PV, projects can be cost-neutral, or even cash positive for the client, with project fees more than covered by cost savings.

As well as providing support for new projects, via Power-as-a-Service, Vattenfall also adopts existing electrical infrastructure, providing established companies with cash payments for their assets.

We take full responsibility for our clients’ electrical infrastructure by owning the equipment and managing all compliance, regulatory and environmental issues, so they can concentrate on their core business. 

Power as a Service provides: 

  • Investment capital for new or existing electrical infrastructure, freeing up CAPEX for your business
  • Essential upgrades to your networks to avoid costly downtime from electrical failure outages
  • Increased uptime and availability of your networks
  • Reduced business risks by transferring all technical, environmental and health & safety risks to Vattenfall
  • Operation and maintenance of your electrical networks so you can focus on your core business
  • Predictable fixed cost, monthly fees 

Added benefits, less risks & fixed costs 

Power-as-a-Service provides businesses with all the benefits of low-cost power from solar PV and managed EV charging without the risks of owning the technology themselves. Vattenfall covers all upgrade and maintenance costs, and the customer pays a fixed monthly fee for a period of ~10 years. After 10 years the customer has the option to extend the service, or take back the assets. 

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