We finance, build, own and operate low carbon electrical infrastructure to accelerate our partners net zero plans.

Solutions include:

• New and upgraded grid connections
• Solar photovoltaics & wind power
• Electric Vehicle charging hubs 
• Battery energy storage systems
• Substations, switchgear and other high voltage infrastructure, as required

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Vattenfall has significant funds to invest with you in your private wire networks to help accelerate the electrification of UK industry. Funds will be awarded to qualifying businesses on a first-come first-served basis.


Do you qualify?

Consume a high amount of energy? (more than 2GWh/year)
Have more than 1,000m2 of unshaded, uninterrupted roof or land space available?

Sorry, your business does not qualify for funding from Vattenfall.

Good news, your business qualifies.

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Our service:

Vattenfall provides a fully managed service to support the electrification of UK businesses in return for fixed monthly fees.

We manage the risks, investment, setup and ongoing operation of your electrical transition so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Achieving Net Zero

Electrification projects can take time to complete - but the world is heating up fast and there is no time to lose in the race to reduce carbon. As such, we promise to deliver your business with an Initial Project Proposal within 1 week of receiving your half hourly consumption data and to work tirelessly to electrify your business as soon as possible.

The electrification process:

Who is Vattenfall?

Vattenfall are one of Europe’s largest producers and retailers of electricity and heat. Our main markets are Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and the UK.

The Group has approximately 20,000 employees. The Parent Company, Vattenfall AB, is 100% owned by the Swedish state, and its headquarters are in Solna, Sweden.

A long history

Vattenfall have been developing and operating power generation and electrical networks for more than 100 years. We apply rigorous safety standards and processes to deliver advanced electrical infrastructure incorporating the latest smart technologies.

Electrification experience

Vattenfall supports a wide range of clients on their electrification journeys, including:


Vattenfall are investing in the electrification of heavy goods vehicles for Coca-Cola in Sweden. Both Vattenfall and Coca-Cola in Sweden have set ambitious climate targets for net zero emissions across their entire value chains by 2040. Together, the companies have initiated a pilot project with the aim of electrifying Coca-Cola Europacific Partners' transport infrastructure at Jordbro outside of Stockholm.


Vattenfall have partnered with Microsoft to power their data centres in Sweden. Together we have delivered an innovative matching solution via which we measure consumption at the data centres every hour and match this with 100% renewable energy supplies from onshore wind and hydro. The partnership began with a trial in 2019 that has now been scaled-up to provide power to three data centres.


In the winter of 2021, Volvo Trucks, ABB and Vattenfall, in collaboration with the mining company Kaunis Iron and Wist Last & Buss, conducted a trial to test the limits of electric trucks - in minus 30 degree conditions...

Energypark Haringvliet

Energypark Haringvliet in the Netherlands combines wind, solar and batteries to produce energy at a lower cost and to make a more efficient use of available grid capacity. Haringvliet consists of six wind turbines, 115 000 solar panels and 12 large batteries which produce and distribute 140 GWh of electricity annually - enough energy to power 40,000 Dutch homes.

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