Vattenfall Network Solutions designs, builds, owns and operates climate-smart high voltage electrical network infrastructure. We take full responsibility for our client’s electrical needs by owning their networks and managing all compliance, regulatory and environmental issues.

A reliable energy partner

Vattenfall Network Solutions partners with major energy users to remove the burden of managing high voltage electrical infrastructure. We build private wire networks from scratch, or acquire them if they are already built, and manage all aspects of maintenance and compliance to ensure high standards of safety and reliability. We employ a long-term vision which focusses on introducing the latest climate-smart innovations. Our customers benefit from fixed fee contracts over 10-15 years, gaining cost certainty and reduced risk. We specialise in:

A long history

Vattenfall have been developing and operating power generation and electrical networks for more than 100 years. We apply rigorous safety standards and processes to deliver advanced electrical infrastructure incorporating the latest smart technologies.

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