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Free webinar: EV hubs & eHGV depot electrification

Join us for a free webinar with Andy Vickers on understanding EV hubs & eHGV depot electrification on Wednesday 21st June - 11 am

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Free webinar: Net zero electrical networks

Gary Jacobs walks through the steps - and opportunities for energy and carbon saving - manufacturing businesses need to take as they transition to net zero.

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Electric vehicle fleet compliance - Vattenfall

Regulations governing ownership and management of electric vehicle charging infrastructure are stringent, and non-compliance can have severe consequences.

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Netto and Vattenfall collaborate on EV charging at German stores

Grocery discounter Netto and energy company Vattenfall are collaborating to set up EV fast charging stations across Netto’s store network in Germany.

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New EV infrastructure grants for fleets

If your business is thinking of installing EV charging at work or for a fleet, there is a new Government grant available which could support your project.

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Electrical Infrastructure audit - Vattenfall Network Solutions

Electrical Infrastructure Audit: 10 reasons to upgrade your business’ HV electrical infrastructure

10 reasons for an electrical infrastructure audit to upgrade your business’ HV electrical infrastructure to a more efficient, modern, alternative

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Reduce risk and secure electrical competence - without investment

Instead of investing in a new high-voltage plant or having to recruit electrical engineers, UK businesses can outsource the management of their electrical infrastructure.

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Switchgear systems in energy infrastructure

Everything you need to know about Switchgear systems in energy infrastructure

Everything you need to know about Switchgear systems in energy infrastructure - what is switchgear, how does it work, and why is its maintenance so important?

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High voltage electrical networks for food and drink processors

High-voltage electrical systems can be life-threatening if they are not well maintained. It’s a big responsibility, which sits with the business owner, to ensure that a facility is safe and ...

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Energy conservation in the food industry

Inflated energy costs are critically impacting food and drink businesses throughout the EU and UK. Cutting waste and a switch to more energy efficient electricity is the solution.

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