Cut your bills via solar PV with no upfront costs

Switching from grid power to electricity produced from on-site solar is one of the simplest and most effective ways for businesses to reduce carbon emissions and power costs.

With our Solar PV lease businesses benefit from free electricity from solar photovoltaics installed at their site without investing their own capital.

commercial solar pv

How does it work?

  1. Let us know your location and provide your half hourly meter data
  2. We provide a Solar PV lease proposal detailing:
    • The amount of solar PV to be installed
    • The predicted annual kWh production
    • The required monthly fee
  3. The solar PV is installed and commissioned
  4. You use the electricity from the solar with any extra supplied via the grid as normal
  5. We manage the operation and maintenance of the solar PV and rectify any faults or replacements for the duration of the contract
  6. After the contract ends you continue to benefit from the free electricity from the solar PV for another 15 years

Costs & Savings

We will size your solar PV system to match your electricity consumption and available roof or land space. During the daytime your electricity bill will be reduced as you consume the free electricity from the solar PV. Naturally, savings will be greater during summer months when there is more solar energy available. Where your business requires additional electricity during the day this will be imported from the grid as normal. 

The savings you make from self-production and consuming less grid imported electricity will exceed the annual payments for the solar PV lease, leaving you cash positive. Although, the final savings will depend on how much you generate, consume and pay for electricity from the grid. 

Solar PV panels come with a 25-year manufacturers power warranty, so the amount of energy your solar PV system produces can be calculated very accurately. When the lease expires after 10 years you will continue to benefit from reduced bills for an additional 15 years, with no monthly payments.

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