Private wire networks

We help major electrical users design, operate and maintain new and existing private wire networks.

What are private wire networks?

Private wire networks are local electricity grids connected to the distribution networks but linked to a privately-owned generation plant which produces electricity. This enables them to operate a stand-alone supply in the event of the national grid failing. By using private wire electricity, organisations can reduce their energy costs, improve their energy security and reliability, and contribute to a more sustainable energy future. Private wire electricity can be generated from a variety of renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, and biomass.

New developments and clustered business can develop their electricity distribution as private wire networks. This allows greater flexibility in the way the networks are owned and operated and more certainty over the costs of use of the network.

Managed private wire networks

Private network users can partner with Vattenfall Network Solutions to remove the burden of running and looking after their electrical infrastructure. We will either build private wire networks from scratch or acquire them if they are already built.

Vattenfall Network Solutions handles the management of your private wire networks. We manage maintenance, ensure high standards of safety and reliability, and employ a long-term vision which focuses on introducing the latest climate-smart innovations. Our private network customers also benefit from fixed fees over 10-15 years, gaining cost certainty and reduced risk.

Read more about the financial and technical benefits of managed private wire networks, below.

Financial benefits

Vattenfall can fund the build of your new private wire electricity infrastructure and provides competitive asset value payments, releasing valuable equity back into your business.

Vattenfall offers flexible ownership models and financing options to ensure your power supply services fit with your business operations.

Vattenfall can help businesses seeking new or upgraded connections avoid large connection fees by optimising existing network infrastructure and power distribution within private networks to reduce connection charges.

Technical benefits

Vattenfall can provide a fully integrated service incorporating EV charging, heat and renewable energy generation, as part of a single package of works which provides increased opportunities for optimisation and faster delivery of new private wire networks.

Vattenfall can invest in and install the latest smart technologies to future-proof electrical networks and reduce CO2 and energy consumption.

Vattenfall offers improved uptime and network availability as well as reliability guarantees for critical loads with the optional ability to operate independently of the grid.

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