Switching to zero carbon transport

What are the issues?

The UK aims to ban new petrol and diesel cars by 2035 and to achieve zero emissions from transportation by 2050. These targets are driving the transition to electric powered vehicles and electrification of the maritime and heavy transport sector. Businesses with several vehicles have an opportunity to convert entire fleets to electric power. 

How can Vattenfall support your business?

EV charging can place increasing demands on energy infrastructure and requires a full assessment of your existing systems in order to determine the most efficient and cost effective strategy. We will work with you, providing feasibility studies to help you select the best route forward, and will then manage the design, build, operation and ongoing maintenance for your vehicle charging infrastructure.

Planning your electrical infrastructure to incorporate electric vehicle charging provides the perfect opportunity to optimize your existing supply and incorporate energy efficiency measure and renewable energy to maximize cost savings. 

Through our Power as a Service offer, Vattenfall can also finance the installation of any new energy infrastructure that is required, minimizing the upfront investment for your business to switch to zero carbon transport. 

Vattenfall Network Solutions can provide:

  • Technical and financial feasibility studies
  • System design, build and project management
  • Electric vehicle and fleet transition plans
  • Advice on vehicle and charging system choices
  • Electrical engineering design and network planning to minimize grid costs
  • Electrical network optimisation to avoid network upgrade costs
  • Flexible financing for new and existing assets
  • Operation and maintenance of EV infrastructure 

Find out more about Power as a Service 

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