Reducing energy infrastructure costs

What are the issues?

For most businesses, energy costs are a significant concern. Bills are predicted to rise due to the scarcity of fossil fuels and the transition to zero carbon. Maintaining and upgrading high voltage energy infrastructure can be expensive and is rarely a priority for any business. Replacement and upgrading costs can come as nasty shocks – often when they are least expected, which can cause disruption to business as usual. 

Installing and upgrading to more efficient, lower carbon infrastructure and renewable energy systems can be expensive, so companies need to find alternative strategies to reduce energy costs.

How can Vattenfall support your business?

Vattenfall works in partnership with businesses by providing Power as a Service to reduce their energy costs. We will audit your current setup, review your options for cost savings and put forward recommendations to help you save money. As a long-term energy partner, with a stake in your energy infrastructure, we are incentivized to generate cost savings for your business, whilst helping you transition to a lower carbon future.

Our electrical design and project management teams will manage all aspects of designing and installing cost-saving measures for your business, so that you can focus on running your business. We analyse and manage our partners networks to deliver optimized asset management plans, including a maintenance and asset replacement program. Vattenfall can also offer financing for new, and existing, energy infrastructure helping to release valuable capital back into your business and removing risk to your business from unexpected maintenance and upgrade costs.
By partnering with Vattenfall your business can benefit from:

  • Reduce energy costs and business overheads
  • Reduced uncertainty and risks regarding future costs of energy provision
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs for your electrical infrastructure
  • Reduced replacement and upgrade costs for your electrical infrastructure
  • Optimized capital investments and fixed cost contracts
  • Improved energy efficiency and optimization from the latest technologies
  • Reduced carbon emissions to help meet corporate targets and legislative requirement 

Find out more about Power as a Service & download the white paper.


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