Developing your electrical network

What are the issues?

Innovations in electrical infrastructure and power delivery are making modern electrical networks more efficient - but it is often hard for business owners to keep pace with the latest technologies and afford the latest upgrades. Managing the complexities of electrical networks, the switch to lower carbon technologies and increasing energy requirements from growing and changing business practices can be complex and time consuming. 

How can Vattenfall support your business?

Vattenfall specialize in designing, owning and operating electrical infrastructure as our core business. We invest heavily in research and development to drive development and make fossil-free living possible within one generation, not only for ourselves, but also for our partners. We are leading the charge for zero carbon and your business can benefit from our technology, our experience and our investments via our Power as a Service offer. 

Our electrical design team will work with you to define the best ways to incorporate the latest technologies for your business. As your energy partner, who owns and manages your high voltage electrical infrastructure, we are incentivized to optimize, upgrade and replace outdated equipment for you.
For example, we will want to maximise the service life of any assets we own on your behalf which means we will install efficiency measure, and conduct any required maintenance, as soon as it makes sense to do so – meaning your business benefits from more efficient electrical infrastructure, reduced costs, and reduced likelihood of any downtime. As a long-term partner we future-proof our solutions to cover forthcoming energy needs, whilst increasing the resilience and lowering the carbon impact of your network. We welcome the chance to discuss how we can improve your operational, commercial and environmental performance by developing your electrical network. 

Find out more about Power as a Service & download the white paper.


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