Developing an energy infrastructure strategy

What are the issues?

Maintaining an appropriate energy infrastructure strategy for your business can be complex, especially now with stringent carbon reduction requirements and the drive for more renewable energy. Ensuring your business has a resilient energy supply and a strategy to manage future energy requirements is a time-consuming process that often gets ignored – or reduces key managements’ ability to focus on core business activities. 

How can Vattenfall support your business?

Vattenfall works in partnership with large energy consumers to help them navigate the energy landscape. We work with our business partners to reduce their current energy bills, improve the resilience of their energy supplies and to lower their carbon impacts in the future.

We provide holistic energy advice including renewable energy integration​, demand side management and other emerging technologies, guided by our extensive research and development team. By assessing your current energy systems, and taking a whole-systems approach, including planning for your future energy requirements, we are able to develop business-specific energy infrastructure strategies which reduce complexity whilst saving our partners time and money.
We have delivered energy strategies for various sizes of businesses, from organisations with just one building to multiple sites in different locations. Our portfolio of options, including renewables, battery storage and EV charging which can be intreated into smart grids and stand-alone micro grids, combined with asset financing provide the flexibility to deliver the right solution in any situation. 

As your Power as a Service partner we will propose clear analysis and recommendations, enabling you to make informed choices about your energy infrastructure strategy and which projects and initiatives to progress.  

Find out more about Power as a Service & download the white paper.


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