Micro grids

Vattenfall specialise in the design and operation of modern, future-proofed energy grids, incorporating the latest climate-smart technologies.

Micro grids and Smart grids provide multiple benefits including increased energy efficiency, more reliable and lower cost power.

What are the differences between Smart grids and Micro grids?

Micro grids

Micro grids are electricity networks which incorporate generation sources, as well as loads, that are normally connected to the main grid. Micro grids can also operate in “island mode” if required, when they are disconnected from the main grid.

Vattenfall supports companies by providing financing, conducting feasibility studies and manging micro grid projects for our partners, including engineering, procurement and construction. In addition we provide ongoing support and maintenance once micro grids are in place.

Stewart Dawson, Managing Director of Vattenfall Network Solutions explains how smart grids can enable the journey to fossil freedom.