Port electrification

Vattenfall provides a key service for UK ports, to help them transition to full electrification, reduce costs and eliminate carbon emissions.

Vattenfall understands the difficulties facing port and harbour operators. With our port electrification service, we support UK ports on their journey to net zero emissions.

Benefits of port electrification

The electrification of vehicles, cranes, shore-to-ship power and vessel electrification are key areas for port operators which, if managed properly, can help ports to operate more efficiently, reduce costs and meet their carbon reduction targets.

port electrification

Vattenfall can support ports through the journey to electrification in multiple areas. (Illustration courtesy of Schneider Electric)

Vattenfall's Power-as-a-Service model addresses the following issues for ports:

  • Local grid capacity issues - not enough power to electrify the port
  • Existing infrastructure needs significant upgrades, or complete replacement, to cope with projected future power demands
  • The high cost of change / upgrades (capex funding, total cost of ownership)
  • Uncertainty of Opex costs of new equipment and technologies

Our solutions for port electrification:

  • New Grid connections / capacity upgrades
  • High Voltage network design and build
  • Upgrading electrical substations & networks
  • Quayside electrification
  • Shore to ship power
  • Onsite generation (wind, solar)
  • Battery energy storage
  • Smart Grids and energy optimisation
  • EV charging infrastructure / eRoads (Heavy & Light Vehicles)
  • Vessel batteries & powertrains
  • Green renewable electricity from our wind and solar farms

Via our Power-as-a-Service model, we invest in ports' High Voltage (HV) infrastructure to meet their future power needs. In addition, existing infrastructure can be transferred to Vattenfall for 10 years for an asset transfer value paid by Vattenfall. During the agreement Vattenfall will carry out any necessary end of life replacements, all operations and maintenance activities for a flat annual fee. In owning the assets, Vattenfall hold the asset failure risk and responsibility, meaning the client can focus on their core business. At the end of the initial 10-year term, the assets can be returned to the original owner or the agreement can be extended.

We can also advise on and deliver renewable energy integration and battery storage and electric vehicle charging infrastructure for operational, staff and public transport vehicles.

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