Delivering power for electric vehicle charging hubs - FREE white paper

Fleet operators and last mile logistics companies require reliable power infrastructure to power their EV fleets. Our free white paper explains how to  secure the required power.

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As businesses switch to all electric fleets higher power charging infrastructures will be required to accommodate the increased electrical loads and, as the process for securing new and upgraded grid connections changes in 2023, there will be increasing competition to secure the required power for electric vehicle fleets.

What you will learn

The white paper explains how a reliable electric vehicle fleet charging infrastructure works and what to consider in order to ensure that your infrastructure is smart, safe and scalable in order to meet your current and future electric vehicle demands. It also provides an overview of the process of switching to a battery-powered fleet and the available options for owning and operating electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The white paper provides a guide for fleet operators and last mile logistics companies who are looking to switch to electric vehicle fleets, covering:

  • Trends and regulations driving the electric vehicle transition
  • How electric vehicle charging infrastructures work
    • Grid connections
    • On-site electrical infrastructure
    • Charging points for electrical vehicles
  • The process of switching to an electric vehicle fleet
  • Potential pitfalls to be aware of
  • Options for management, ownership and operations
  • Case studies
  • Details of how using an IDNO & Power-as-a-Service offers unique advantages

Who should read this paper

Switching to electric vehicles and managing high voltage energy infrastructure is a complex task that requires significant resources, in terms of skills and capital. This white paper is critical reading for senior professionals who are wholly - or partly - responsible for the management of electric vehicle fleets.

  • CEO / COO / CFOs
  • Energy management professionals
  • Electrical engineering directors
  • Production directors
  • Engineering directors
  • Independent energy consultants

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