Electric bus charging


Vattenfall partners with key clients in the transport sector to design, build, own and operate climate-smart electrical network infrastructure.

The transport sector is undergoing a major transformation towards electrification and zero carbon solutions.

Vattenfall's Power as a Service offer provides support for the development of charging infrastructure and the other electrical equipment required to enable the conversion to electrified transport. We take full financial, functional and electrical safety responsibility for your electrical plant so that you can focus on your core business.

Value added services for vessel operators and ports:

portVattenfall can help optimise various aspects of your business including:

Read more details about the potential of port electrification and a case study on the Movitz Supercharged Electric Ferry.

Value added services for fleet operators

roadVattenfall can provide charging infrastructure for trucks, buses and other vehicles.
See more details of our services for electric bus charging and fleet electrification.

We can also provide E-roads and electric drive-trains on board vehicles.

Value added services for airport operators

airVattenfall can help optimise your business via:

Value added services for rail operators

railVattenfall can help optimise various aspects of your business including: