Power-as-a-Service - free white paper for the food & drink industry

food and drink sector white paper

UK food and drink manufacturers are facing the combined challenge of reducing carbon emissions whilst ensuring their operations have secure, resilient and reliable electrical energy.

If you have never heard of Power-as-a-Service (PaaS), then you’re in the right place. The white paper below is essential reading for anyone in the food and drink industry that owns or manages high-voltage electrical infrastructure.

What you will learn

The white paper explains - in jargon-free language - the commercial benefits of Power-as-a-Service, including:

  • An introduction to Power-as-a-Service - what is it?
  • The 'power challenge' for food and drink businesses:
    • Managing power quality and outages
    • Managaing regulation and compliance
    • Managing high voltage infrastructure
  • Five benefits of Power-as-a-Service:
    • Increased operational and production security
    • Investment and financial savings
    • Reduced risk and responsibilities
    • Environmental improvements and support for net zero
    • Access to industry knowledge and innovations
  • Case studies & how the process works 

Who should read this white paper?

This white paper is critical reading for senior professionals in the food and drink sector who are wholly - or partly - responsible for the management of private wire networks.

  • CEO / COO / CFOs
  • Energy management professionals
  • Electrical engineering directors
  • Production directors
  • Engineering directors
  • Independent energy consultants
  • Sustainability and other Managers

The paper also provides details of the government grants available to help food and drink businesses switch away from fossil fuels to sustainable alternatives.

Download the white paper

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