Food and Drink sector

Vattenfall specialises in electrical infrastructure for food and drink manufacturers, providing Power-as-a-Service for UK companies to help them reduce risk, increase energy security and transition to net zero.

Electrical infrastructure for food and drink manufacturers

The food and drink industry has a significant role to play to tackle the climate crisis, with food systems contributing around a quarter of total greenhouse gas emissions. Vattenfall Network Solutions can help food & drink manufacturers and producers to reduce their climate impact, secure their power requirements and gain a competitive advantage on the road to net zero.

​​In order to play its part to tackle climate change, the food and drink sector faces unprecedented change. Power-as-a-Service offers a simple way to stay ahead of the required changes and ensure energy security, whilst benefiting from the expert knowledge and proactive support of a specialist energy partner.

Power-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a new model where all financial and functional responsibility for electrical infrastructure for food and drink manufacturers is transferred to a specialist company. Instead of a business-owning and managing their own high-voltage energy infrastructure, Vattenfall takes over the responsibility by owning their networks and managing all compliance, regulatory and environmental issues, leaving them free to concentrate on their core business.

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