Electrical infrastructure services

Vattenfall Network Solutions provide electrical infrastructure services to all UK industries, through our Power-as-a-Service offer.

Power-as-a-Service provides a complete solution for electrical infrastructure projects including:

  • Electrical infrastructure audit - to determine the current status and upgrade requirements of existing assets
  • Capital investment - to cover the cost of replacements and any additional infrastructure required
  • Ownership of on-site electrical infrastructure - including complete responsibility for legal, regulatory and environmental compliance
  • Advice on electrical infrastructure design - to ensure efficient, resilient and reliable systems which are optimised for business needs
  • Ongoing management - including operation, maintenance and regular inspections
  • Free asset replacements - for any electrical infrastructure which fails
  • Ongoing support and advice - for example, on the incorporation of renewable energy systems, batteries, PPAs, or other electrical assets

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Vattenfall as your Power Partner

There are many advantages to working with Vattenfall as your electrical infrastructure services ‘power partner’. Vattenfall also operates an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) that provides competitive grid connections incorporating asset adoption value payments for any electrical grid infrastructure which they adopt on the distribution network. With Vattenfall as your power partner we remain on hand for support, advice and access to expert knowledge. We also maintain close relationships with equipment suppliers and have a large network of contractors available, which provides faster access to replacement parts, and reduced downtime for our clients. Working in conjunction with our other UK businesses in generation, district heating, and our network of partners and suppliers enables us to provide your business with a wide breadth of services tailored to your specific requirements.

Energy efficiency and the transition to net zero

Vattenfall’s mission is to enable fossil-free living within one generation. We work with all our clients and partners to reduce carbon emissions. Electrical infrastructure presents significant opportunities for energy efficiency gains. For example, the European Commission estimates that 2.9% of all energy generated across the EU and the UK is wasted through transformer losses. Modern transformers which adhere to the Euro Tier 2 directive 548/2014 offer significant reductions in losses compared to older units, delivering valuable savings for businesses which partner with Vattenfall to upgrade their electrical infrastructure.

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