Power as a Service White Paper

Power-as-a-Service: Free white paper explains commercial benefits

Secure your business with Power-as-a-Service

The energy landscape is changing. Service based models are becoming the norm and increasingly, energy intensive businesses are re-thinking the ways they procure and maintain their electrical infrastructure.

If you have never heard of Power-as-a-Service (PaaS), then you’re in the right place.  The white paper below is essential reading for anyone concerned with the ownership and management of high-voltage electrical infrastructure in energy-intensive businesses where network stability is business-critical.

What you will learn

Power-as-a-Service White PaperThe white paper explains - in jargon-free language - the commercial benefits of Power-as-a-Service, including:


Who should read this paper

Managing your own high voltage energy infrastructure is a complex task that requires significant resources, in terms of skills and capital. This white paper is critical reading for senior professionals who are wholly - or partly - responsible for the management of private wire networks.

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