Vattenfall Network Solutions welcomes Andy Vickers

20 May 2020

Vattenfall are expanding operations in the UK and are very pleased to welcome Andy Vickers to the Network Solutions team.

Andy previously worked as General Manager for Wood PLC, heading up a switchgear business unit, as part of Wood’s Automation and Control division.

Andy has worked in the energy sector for over 35 years, primarily for LV & HV switchgear OEM’s. He started his career as an apprentice, and went on to work in engineering / design, contract management, sales & marketing, business development and recently senior management. Most of his career has been spent working in the heavy industrial segments (oil & gas, petrochemicals, power, water, metals & mining etc.) so he is perfectly placed to deliver Vattenfall’s Power as a Service offer to industrial clients.

Andy has experience of both the technical and commercial aspects of electrical asset management, as well as great project management skills to help support Vattenfall’s commercial partners and clients via our Power as a Service offer.

He has worked on several mega projects within the oil and gas sector, designing and manufacturing huge substations for some of the big oil majors like Shell & Chevron. CAPEX for these projects can be up to $50bn USD, and the power consumption of the installations can be in excess of 500MW. The scope of these projects for the OEM can be up to 50 substations, complete with all LV/MV/HV switchgear, transformers, standby generators, VSD’s, UPS, Protection systems, SCADA & Power Management systems, so Andy understands the challenges of big power projects.

Andy commented:

Andy Vickers

"I’ve always enjoyed the technically diverse nature of my work, particularity the turnkey substation projects. As a Business Development Manager, within Vattenfall’s UK private networks business, I will have a lot of direct interaction with clients, and will hopefully be able to influence people towards our aspiration of fossil free living. I’m keen to speak to anyone from the aggregates, metals, chemicals, food & drink, data centres, estates, health care, and pharmaceuticals sectors, who would like to learn how Vattenfall can help increase the reliability and resilience of their high voltage electrical networks whilst reducing carbon and cost impacts for their business."

Welcome to the team, Andy.

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