Reduce risk and secure electrical competence - without investment

Instead of investing in a new high-voltage plant or having to recruit electrical engineers, UK businesses can outsource the management of their electrical infrastructure services.

If your business already owns any electrical infrastructure, Vattenfall can buy it from you – providing your business with a capital injection.

“Companies that are expanding their operations often require extensive investments in both production equipment and electrical plant”, says Andy Vickers, Business Development Manager at Vattenfall. “And operating electrical installation requires competent personnel who are often difficult to recruit. So we offer an alternative way to secure both the investment and the competence, without CAPEX.”

Outsourcing electrical responsibility

Being responsible for electrical infrastructure is a serious business, with legal, regulatory and environmental obligations, as well as the pressure of ensuring reliable power supplies. Under Power-as-a-Service Vattenfall takes complete responsibility for our clients’ electrical infrastructure including all investment, operation and maintenance and electrical safety.

Electrical safety liability includes ensuring the facilities cannot cause damage to people or property. The Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations (ESQCR) and the Electricity at Work Act have raised the obligations placed on CEOs - and the potential ramifications of failing to satisfy the requirements. But by outsourcing the management of their electrical infrastructure, CEOs can relieve themselves of the responsibilities.

In practice, Power-as-a-Service means that the customer gets access to all of Vattenfall's staff and a wide range of benefits. “We have the competence, experience and a large network of staff who are experts in electrical networks”, says Andy Vickers, who has helped many companies solve their electricity issues.

Expensive breaks

There are many situations where failures in high-voltage, or other electrical system, can cause large, unexpected costs.

If a transformer breaks down, there’s no cost to the customer because the monthly cost is fixed.

“Loss of production is always a significant problem - no matter how costly. But with Power-as-a-Service, Vattenfall bears the cost of unforeseen investments to maintain a fully functioning electricity plant. If a transformer breaks down, there’s no cost to the customer because the monthly cost is fixed.”

“We have the expertise – and, if an incident occurs, we’ll send staff to the site and solve the problem regardless of when it happens. Power-as-a-Service provides security both in terms of competence and finance.” says Andy Vickers.

Find out more about Power-as-a-Service and download the white paper.

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