Power-as-a-Service supports tomato and salmon farm

When Peckas Naturodlingar expand their tomato and salmon farming facility, they partnered with Vattenfall Network Solutions to provide fully managed electrical infrastructure.

Power-as-a-Service is a comprehensive solution through which Vattenfall takes full responsibility for high voltage electrical networks for food and drink processors and its maintenance. While Peckas Naturodlingar focuses on its core business, Vattenfall is responsible for everything from ownership, project management, investments, electrical safety and operation and maintenance of their electrical infrastructure.

When Peckas wanted to expand their operations two substations needed to be moved to free up space for the expansion. As their Power-as-a-Service partner, Vattenfall will now project manage the relocation of the substations and their ongoing operation.

We at Peckas Naturodlingar have an ambitious expansion plan, not only in Sweden but also internationally. For us, it is important to have a supplier who can grow in step with us and be an open and business-driven partner who can find solutions for our needs. Already when we started our expansion, we realized the importance of a secure and accessible electricity supply, it is clearly vital for the fish in our cycle system,

said Daniel Brännström, one of the founders of Pecka's Naturodlingar.

Sustainable cultivation

Peckas Naturodlingar has created a closed cycle cultivation system to reduce emissions and optimise resources. By growing rainbow salmon in large fish ponds, the water is fertilised naturally. The tomato greenhouse is then irrigated with the nutrient-rich water from the salmon ponds, which is then purified and pumped back to the fish ponds. This method not only produces good tomatoes, but reduces water consumption from 200 litres to just five litres of water per kilo of tomatoes - less than 10% of the global average. Peckas Naturodlingar also states that the farming system only needs one kilo of fish food to grow one kilo of rainbow salmon and 10-12 kg of tomatoes. This is significantly more resource efficient than the 5-7 kilos of fish food that is required to gown a kilo of salmon in the wild.

The value of partnership

Vattenfall Network Solutions delivers significant value for its customers through Power-as-a-Service and by focussing on our goal of enabling fossil free living within one generation.

The partnership with Peckas Naturodlingar provides the client with a reliable partner for its electric power plant. They benefit from our long expertise in electric power and we ensure that the electric plant functions reliably and securely, providing safer power for the production of tomatoes and rainbow salmon. Peckas Naturodlingar are able to focus on their core operations and business goals whilst we manage all aspects of their electrical infrastructure.

Find out more about Power as a Service & download the white paper.


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