Major metalwork company choose Power-as-a-Service

Åkers Sweden AB is an established metalwork company that began casting cannons in 1508 and has evolved to manufacture rollers for steel mills.

In order to focus on their core business and growth many companies enter into partnerships where they benefit from skills outside their core area of expertise. For Åkers one area in which external support made sense was their electric power plant.

Vattenfall Network Solutions developed Power-as-a-Service to support businesses like Åkers, by taking over the financial and functional responsibility of their electrical infrastructure. It is a complete solution that is adapted to the customer's needs and allows the customer to focus on their business, whilst benefiting from Vattenfall's expertise and experience.

Our business is dependent on a functioning electrical system where any disruption can have major consequences for our production. As technological development in all areas is fast, we find it difficult to maintain our own expertise in electric power and therefore believe that this is a good concept where Vattenfall with its experience and knowledge can better contribute to a stable electricity system.

said Mattias Abrahamsson, Electricity Manager at Åkers Sweden AB.

Power as a Service - metal works

Under Power-as-a-Service, clients transfer responsibility for their electrical systems to Vattenfall, who take full responsibility for ensuring that the electric power plant complies with all laws and regulations, as well as ensuring electrical safety.

Åkers needed to renew their electrical systems and expand their operations. With Vattenfall as their Power-as-a-Service partner they gained the required investment and a modernised electrical system, whilst ensuring they maintained a safe electricity supply, which reduces the risk of both production losses and personal injuries through accidents. Vattenfall took full responsibility for the existing and future electricity plant, and supported the current electricity plant before the expansion.

Many of our customers have production facilities which need safe and well-functioning electrical systems with rapid response in case of emergencies, access to spare parts and also investment when needed. Through Power-as-a-Service we help our customers maintain a high level of electrical availability thereby minimising the risks of loss of production.

Torbjörn Johansson, Head of Vattenfall Network Solutions Sweden.

The Power-as-a-Service agreement runs for 10 years, and means that Vattenfall has overall responsibility for the operation of the electricity plant, so that Åkers Sweden AB can invest its energy in its core business. Thanks to Vattenfall, Åkers does not have to think about electrical regulations, laws or maintenance of its electrical system, and can count on a safe electricity supply that is taken care of by experts.

Find out more about Power as a Service & download the white paper.


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