Giant battery improves electricity supply for recycling facility

Vattenfall Network Solutions is conducting a research project at Boliden's smelter in Landskrona to reduce costs and strengthen the local electricity network. Boliden Bergsöe is a smelter that melts lead from used car batteries for recycling.

Vattenfall, Boliden and Landskrona Energi are carrying out the two-year project with the support of the Swedish Energy Agency. The project centres around a Powerbank battery storage facility which was put into operation this summer and has a capacity of 1 MWh. The Powerbank consists of 24 electric car batteries as found in the BMW i3.

The purpose of the research project is to develop a battery warehouse that can combine reduced electricity costs for the customer with flexible electricity network services, such as network stability and frequency regulation, or provide extra power if the local electricity network is not sufficient. The Powerbank is equipped with data intelligence that selects the service that is most profitable at any given moment.

We see that battery storage is an important component to meet today's and future needs for flexible energy. Vattenfall Network Solutions will own and manage the Powerbank through Power-as-a-service, which facilitates the transition to the energy system of the future and the electrification of operations for our industrial customers.

Kajsa Roxbergh, Business Developer at Vattenfall Network Solutions.

The video below, from the inauguration of the Powerbank, provides a tour of the battery facility and examples of how battery storage can be incorporated via Power-as-a-Service to provide grid support and other benefits.

Find out more about Power as a Service & download the white paper.


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