Case study: Delivering a Private Wire Network and backup power supply for AstaReal

Delivering a Private Wire Network and backup power supply for AstaReal

AstaReal is a global healthcare company which requires reliable power to operate. Thomas Sundström, Head of maintenance at AstaReal, commissioned Vattenfall to provide a Private Wire Network and back power supply for their production facility in Gustavsberg, Sweden. Here he explains the project in his own words.

"My role at AstaReal is the Maintenance Manager. I take care of reconstruction, technology, facilities management and purchasing of equipment as well as all agreements for service and support from external companies. At AstaReal, we extract antioxidants from a natural sea algae to make an algae flour that we manufacture end products from and sell externally. The whole process takes 4 weeks from the extraction to the end product that becomes.

A secure supply of electricity is ctitical to our business. If we suffer a major power outage production stops, which generates huge problems and high costs for our company. We commissioned Vattenfall to deliver a complete solution for our Private Wire Network, including a backup power generator. We also have agreements for maintenance and servicing for our transformers and incoming high voltage power supplies.

Vattenfall’s services have worked incredibly well for us. They were well prepared and made an effective plan to test the backup power generator. Whenever we've needed their support they’ve been there for us and exceeded our expectations. Plus, it’s been easy to get ahold of the right people to come out and fix any problems.

We’ve seen a real benefit from using Vattenfall to provide a complete solution for our electrical infrastructure as we do not need to have different companies to service our back up power generator, transformer station and incoming high voltage power supplies. Vattenfall handles all of this with our agreement.

I can really recommend Vattenfall to other industry customers because they take care of everything, so we can focus on our own business and not worry about our electricity distribution."

Read more about Vattenfall's services for private wire networks.


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