Vattenfall Network Solutions


Vattenfall Network Solutions UK is part of Vattenfall AB, which has been developing and operating electrical networks for more than 100 years and is 100% owned by the Swedish state.

Vattenfall electric networks

We design, build, own and operate climate-smart high voltage electrical network infrastructure.

We help major electrical users design, operate and maintain new and existing private wire networks, Smart grids and Micro grids.

Vattenfall substations

Our main markets are Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and the UK.

Vattenfall in Sweden

Vattenfall specialise in the design and operation of modern, future-proofed energy grids, incorporating the latest climate-smart technologies, that help lead the transition to fossil-free living.

Vattenfall power

We have approximately 20,000 employees working on all aspects of improving energy production and distribution.

Vattenfall employees