electric bus charging

Electric bus charging

Bus operators, in conjunction with local authorities and regulators, have been trialling low and zero emission buses over the last few years.

The UK is now in a position where both single and double deck buses are viable for many routes, particularly those in urban and ultra-urban environments.

Developing electrical bus charging infrastructure is complex, with multiple options such as:

Volvo electric bus charging
A Volvo electric bus charging on route 73 in Stockholm. Rapid charging at the trerminal provides power for up to seven kilometres – quietly and emissions-free.

Bus electrification involves several key issues:




bus charging

Bus electrification  – our solutions

Consulting & Design

Strategy development, site specific solution development including design, smart charging, renewables and battery storage integration


Programme management of DNO interface, Independent Connection Providers, HV and LV networks, chargers and commissioning

Operations, Inspections and Maintenance

Private HV and LV networks EV chargers

Asset financing

Fully funded solution including, DNO connection, battery storage (if relevant), high voltage, low voltage networks and chargers

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